• To develop new generation of leaders in the field of psychology via world-class education.
  • To create psychological knowledge via research and innovation.
  • To participate and spark sustainable changes and development in Thai society to become a society that respects individual differences.



The Faculty of Psychology aims to be a leader in knowledge discovery and developing new generation of psychologists. 



Faculty of Psychology was found on July 7th, 1996 as the 18th faculty at Chulalongkorn University. The study of psychology started in Chulalongkorn University when the Department of Education included courses in psychology in its curriculum. In 1957, the Department of Education turned into the Faculty of Education, which took over the teaching of psychology at the Division of Educational Research.


In 1961, the Faculty of Education first offered a Master’s Degree program in Educational Psychology and Guidance. Because of its rapid growth, the Division of Psychology was then founded in 1963 and changed to the Department of Psychology through the Chulalongkorn University Act in 1979. This department was responsible for the teaching of courses in various fields of psychology to undergraduate students and graduate students in the Master’s and doctoral programs. The doctoral program in Educational Psychology, in particular, was the first Ph.D. program ever offered by Chulalongkorn University.


Now, the Faculty of Psychology offers both undergraduate and graduate programs and teaches general education and elective courses in psychology to students in all faculties across Chulalongkorn University.