PSY Stats Clinic

A statistical and research consulting service

PSY Stats Clinic: A statistical and research consulting service

Statistics are essential for psychological study and research. To support our students and faculty members, the Office of Academic Affairs, Faculty of Psychology, now provides statistical and research consultation services through our PSY Stats Clinic. Our consultants are professors and doctoral students who are experts in statistics, measurement, and psychological research.


If you want to review your stats class materials, design your research and data analysis plan, analyze and interpret your research data, or have another pair of eyes to double-check your results, book a one-hour session with one of our consultants below.

Our consultants

Dr. Suppanut Sriutaisuk

Ph.D. in Measurement, Quantitative Methods, And Learning Sciences, University of Houston, USA.

M.S. in Psychological Research, University of Edinburgh, UK.


Statistical Topics:

t-tests, ANOVAs, Regression, Mediation, Moderation, Path analysis, Factor analysis, Structural equation modeling, Cluster analysis, Mixture Modeling, Meta-analysis, Sample size calculation, Missing data handling


Statistical packages:

R, SPSS, Jamovi



Thai, English

Dr. Fei Gu

Ph.D. in Measurement and Statistics, University of Kansas, USA.

B.S. in Statistics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China.


Statistical topics:

Descriptive statistics, t-tests, ANOVA, Regression, Multivariate Statistics (MANOVA, Principal Component Analysis, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Canonical Correlation Analysis, Redundancy Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, Cluster Analysis, and other related topics), Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling


Statistical packages:





Pattarapong Sutthirat

M.S. Social psychology, Chulalongkorn

B.S. Economics, Thammasat University


Statistical Topics:

Descriptive stat, Correlation, Independent/Dependent t-test, ANOVA (one-way, factorial), Hierachical Regression , Mediation, Moderation


Statistical packages:




Thai, English

How to book a PSY Stats Clinic session?


  1. Click the “Book a session” button below.
  2. On the PSY Stats Clinic Booking Page, choose a consultant (IMPORTANT: Make sure that you choose a consultant with expertise and language that matches your need. DO NOT choose “Anyone”).
  3. Find the consultant’s available date and time.
  4. Enter your information and book a session.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email with the date, time, and place to meet (either online or at the consultant’s office on the 8th Floor, Boromratchonnaneesrisatapat Building).